• Reverse Osmosis +

    RO is the latest technology to remove all excess total dissolve solids, chemicals in water up to 95%. It removes bacteria and virus to a level of 99%. It restores the original taste and quality of water. Other purification methods have no effect on TDS level of water. The water coming out of the system is pure, clean, safe, odor free, sparkling fresh, refreshing healthier and most of all great tasting water for diets, baby formula, coffee, tea,, hard drinks, refreshments, drinking water, ice cubes, cooking, washing vegetables, aquariums, pets and lots of other applications. Read More
  • RO Purification Technique +

    5 Micron spun filter is designed for purity, corrosion and chemical resistance. This filter remove of sand, dust. Dirt and rust particles. Activated pre carbon filter is used to absorb bad taste and odor of organic compounds including chlorine and benzene. The precision density(0.0001 Micron) membrane which only allows water molecules to pass through, removes all impurities in water that are harmful to human health, such as heat atom, germs, heavy metals compounds and ions. The high precision filtration process ensures only impurities are removed while retaining the oxygen content essential for good health. Post Carbon filter cartridge to bring the stored water to a delegate taste. Read More
  • Iron Removal +

    Oxidation by aeration or use of chemicals like chlorine, chlorine di-oxide or potassium permanganate followed by filtration alone or by settling and filtration can bring about the precipitation of iron and its removal. Use of zeolites as well as catalytic oxidation also serve the purpose. Green Sand: Green sand is one of the oldest but proven oxidation technologies. Potassium permanganate, itself an oxidizer, is used to regenerate the greensand. Manganese dioxide: Manganese dioxide is a naturally mined ore with the ability to remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. The hydrogen sulfide capability exceeds that of either greensand or synthetic greensand and requires no chemical to regenerate. Read More
  • Softeners +

    Water with a high calcium/magnesium content enters the softener through the in port. It passes through the control valve and into the tank, where it goes from top to bottom though a specially prepares resin that softens it. The resin consists of specially manufactured beads that have been saturated with sodium ions. Softening occurs as the hardness minerals in the water attach themselves to the resin and are exchanged for sodium. The softened water then enter the long center tube, called a riser, via the strainer basket in the bottom of the tank and passes upward through the riser. The water exits the softener via the control valve and is sent to the home. When the resin becomes saturated by hardness minerals, the softener automatically goes into regeneration. By this process the hardness minerals are washed down the drain, and the resin bed is rinsed, resettled, and recharged with sodium. It is now again ready to soften your water. The regeneration process is accomplished by passing very salty water from the brine tank through the resin. The brine tank must remain filled with softener salt at all time. An extensive assortment of Water Softening Plant is manufactured at our premises as per our client's requirements. These remove the hardness and the unwanted salts from water and make it fit for consuming and other uses. Read More
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant +

    We are one of the leading organizations into the manufacturing and supplying of Waste water treatment Plant which find extensive applications in diverse industrial effluent treatment and disposal. The water is treated to ensure that it is fit for further industrial purposes. These are installed accurately at the premises, to ensure accurate and high performance. We manufacture them using the optimum quality raw material and components which are procured vendors. Further, we also offer these at highly cost effective prices and are customized and fabricated as per our client's specifications. These carry compact designs and have a long service life. Read More
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